Posted on Wednesday April 25, 2018

The CNMSS provides you with a dematerialized practical guide presenting the theoretical and practical aspects of good billing for care covered by articles L.212-1 and L.213-1 of CPMIVG.

You are one of your patient base for military disability pensioners, which were granted to them under the Code of Military Invalidity Pensions and War Victims (CPMIVG), beneficiaries of the provisions of article L.212-1 (ex article L.115).

In order to help you better manage their care requests, the CNMSS puts at your disposal a practical guide, which will bring you all the necessary and useful details on the billing and payment terms for the services and care that you provide to beneficiaries of this specific legislation.

The information contained in this guide is intended, on the one hand, to help you better understand the specific features of this legislation and meet the expectations and needs of this population and, on the other hand, to facilitate your procedures and the settlement of your invoices by the Care and follow-up of the injured and pensioner (DSBP) of the CNMSS, in charge of these files.

A guide proposed below, to leaf through without delay.