One more step forward to eradicate menstrual insecurity! From now on, women detained in Rennes and Brest will be able to obtain free periodic protection thanks to the installation of a distributor in the prison compound.

The distributors of the Marguerite & Co company will be installed in January, and will offer organic cotton protection.

In France, women represent only 3.8% of the prison population. A figure which perhaps explains the slow awareness of their conditions of imprisonment.

Menstrual precariousness at the heart of the news

As we said in this paper, Scotland has gone even further in the fight against this precariousness. Indeed, the deputies voted on November 24 in favor of the free distribution of periodic protection for all those who need it. Thus, Scotland becomes the first country in the world to legally guarantee free hygienic protection.

During his interview for the media Gross, Emmanuel Macron reacted to this news by evoking decisions that should be taken soon, especially for women on the street: “I don’t want to preempt government work but it’s something that in the first half of next year will have a very concrete answer”.

While awaiting political decisions, local initiatives continue to make things happen. For example, several regions are testing the free periodical coverage in schools. The faculty of Rennes 2 was the first to install distributors and since then, several universities have followed suit.