Since yesterday in Le Havre, anyone can come to be tested for free, without a prescription. Thanks to antigen testing, results are available quickly, within 20 minutes.

Overall, the idea is that we go faster. We integrate the entire “test, alert, protect” chain in the same place. Any asymptomatic contagious person who ignores himself and who can be recovered in the circuit, who can isolate himself and report his contacts, it is one more element in the battle against the epidemic”, Explains Thomas Deroche, Managing Director of the Normandy Regional Health Agency.

Break the chains of contamination

With this massive screening, the authorities hope to break the chains of contamination and thus get a head start on the epidemic.

Yaniss Chnakib, 27, came to be tested from day one. “I just wanted to know if I was positive or not, I’m a freelance developer, sometimes I do IT maintenance so I sometimes find myself with clients. It is important for me not to infect clients”.

The result of his test is negative but the young man must not let his guard down.

Respect barrier gestures

It’s super important to keep barrier gestures because it’s negative now, but that doesn’t mean that tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, when you go to the supermarket to do your shopping, it won’t be positive this time around if you are in contact with the virus”, Explains to the young man Anaïs Pattegay, student nurse who takes the samples.

In the event of a positive result, screening must be accompanied by isolation. The city of Le Havre offers temporary hotel accommodation or help with shopping and refueling.

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According to the Regional Health Agency, this operation made it possible to screen nearly 3,000 people on yesterday alone. Of these, 43 were positive. The operation, which began yesterday, is to last until Saturday.