This is news that will delight the youngest! Despite the health crisis, Father Christmas will be able to bring gifts to children around the world, on the night of December 24 to 25. It is not we who say it, but theWorld Health Organization.

I can tell you that Father Christmas is immune to this virus “, said Maria van Kerkhove, responsible for overseeing the management of the pandemic at the WHO. “He is doing very well, Mrs Nöel is also very well, and they are very busy now. ”

Santa will be able to travel

But will Santa Claus have the right to travel to the different countries he has to cross? Again, don’t panic. “He will be able to enter and exit airspace” as he pleases.

With this declaration, Maria van Kerkhove wished to recall that the distancing precautions also applied to the youngest: “It is very important that all the children of the world understand that physical distancing from Father Christmas and between them must be strictly observed.”.

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