Home visits in case of strong suspicion or for people with reduced mobility. This is the principle of the device COVISAN, implemented in Ile-de-France since the first confinement.

Without leaving their homes, elderly and at-risk patients, for example, can benefit from a PCR test to find out whether or not they are infected with Covid-19.

Contacted by the attending physician, liberal nurses intervene directly at home, in their full protective equipment. These visits are also an opportunity to recall some preventive measures to break the chains of contamination. The importance of barrier gestures in particular.

Proximity testing centers

A screening center is also open for contact or symptomatic cases referred by private doctors in the district. When the test is positive, the patients are immediately called back by the logistics team.

Agents offer personalized isolation devices. It thus helps patients to protect their loved ones, while accompanying them, to prevent them from feeling this isolation as a sanction.

“Calling them is a security”

“We ask patients if they have any special needs: a housekeeper, shopping, being isolated in a hotel if they cannot isolate themselves with their family. Calling them is a security for them. They don’t feel alone. We are not there to monitor them, rather to support them, to make them aware that this septaine is very important to break the chains of contamination. This is our role here ”, explains Géraldine Delecourt, logistician at the Covisan Paris 13-14-15 center.

Since mid-June, 11,000 people have been supported by this center funded by ARS. Today, this device is only deployed in the Paris region, Marseille and Guyana.