While France is considered slow, Germany is lacking in vaccines against Covid. According to Release, “The only one of the six Berlin vaccination centers to have already taken up service had to close its doors for four days around New Year” for lack of vaccines to administer.

Should we expect the same phenomenon in France? As of January 5, a total of 7,000 people had been vaccinated against Covid, compared to more than a million in the United Kingdom. Originally, the first phase of the process concerned staff and the elderly living in nursing homes, ie one million people according to the Ministry of Health.

This first phase of the vaccine strategy was to take place in January and February, to then make way for the following phases which concern the rest of the population.

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7 million people

Much criticized for the slowness of its vaccination campaign against Covid, the French government then opened the vaccination to other people. However, their number could exceed the vaccine delivery capacities.

In fact, on December 31, the Minister of Health Olivier Véran announced that caregivers aged over 50 could receive the vaccine as a priority. These represent 1.2 million people.

Subsequently, on January 4, firefighters and home helpers over 50 received the same authorization, as well as people over 75 years old outside nursing homes, i.e. 5 million people. In total, more than 7 million people can now receive a vaccine in France.

Enough doses?

According to a survey conducted by FranceInfo, 58% of French people do not intend to be vaccinated, or about 4 million of these priority people. There would therefore remain around 3 million priority people who wish to be vaccinated. This would require at least 6 million doses: most Covid vaccines, including Pfizer, require the injection of two doses for optimal protection.

France has already received 560,000 Pfizer doses on December 26, enough to vaccinate 280,000 people. Olivier Véran explained that 500,000 additional doses will arrive each week in January, for a total of 2 million doses before the end of the month.

In addition, the authorization of the Moderna vaccine on January 6 by the European Medicines Agency should allow France to receive 500,000 additional doses each month, to reach a total of 2.5 million this summer. The successive deliveries of vaccines should allow, according to the government, to vaccinate all the priority people who wish it by the summer.