While health authorities fear a rebound in the epidemic after the holidays, some services, including resuscitation, are already almost full. This is the case of that of the Regional Hospital Center of Metz-Thionville, in the Grand Est.

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In Metz-Thionville, hospital services are always full

Dealing with the distress of patients is the daily life of Dr Yoann Picard. At Mercy hospital in Metz, the 24 intensive care beds are almost all occupied, half of which by Covid patients. Some spend several weeks in the service, and sometimes the team just can’t do anything. In front of a room, Dr Yoann Picard, resuscitator, explains: “This patient has severe covid. He has been in the service for a fortnight and unfortunately he is passing away. We suggested that his family come and see him. At present, visits to Covid patients are not allowed. But given the circumstances, we still offered to come. There he is leaving. His blood pressure drops and we accompany him ”.

An uninterrupted wave for 2 months

For two months, hospital caregivers have been facing ever heavier Covid cases. Last Friday, across the hospital, they were 130 patients infected with the virus to be hospitalized. Every day, the teams try to keep beds available. “We feel very well that for two months, we are really at the limit, notes Dr Sébastien Gette, head of the multi-purpose intensive care unit at CHR Metz-Thionville. We really ask ourselves the question: when will this limit be crossed? We were scared during the Christmas holidays, it didn’t go too badly. We dread the month of January. ”
Here, the second wave is still not over. To take care of Covid patients, staff from other services regularly come in to help. But, this is sometimes done to the detriment of the care of other patients, especially in surgery, where the delay accumulates.