In France, the indicators of the coronavirus epidemic continue to deteriorate. However, the vaccination campaign continues to gain momentum, with more than 50,000 people vaccinated in the last 24 hours.

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Covid: Nearly 20,000 new cases in 24 hours

Covid: Nearly 20,000 new cases in 24 hours

19,753 new cases of coronavirus on January 12. Santé Publique France reports a test positivity rate of 6.5%. The incidence rate of the epidemic reached 144.5 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants the week of December 28 to January 3. In some areas, it exceeds 300 new cases, as our map shows:

In addition, 8,805 people were hospitalized during the seven days preceding January 12, so 1,350 in intensive care.

189,834 people vaccinated in total

However, the number of people vaccinated against Covid continues to increase. According to the Covidtracker site, which brings together data published by the Ministry of Health, 51,483 people received the Covid vaccine on January 12. This brings the number of people vaccinated in France to nearly 190,000, or 0.28% of the French population.

Some regions reach slightly lower thresholds, as our map shows:

The Ministry of Health wants to reach 1 million people vaccinated by January 2021 and between 15 and 27 million people by July.