By the end of January, between 500 and 600 vaccination centers against the coronavirus will open throughout France. The first was installed in Poissy, in the Yvelines.

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Covid: visit to the first vaccination center in Poissy (78)

The village hall has been renamed “chez Mauricette”. A nod to the first French woman vaccinated at the end of December. Since Thursday, January 7, the city of Poissy has opened the very first vaccination center against Covid in France. For now, it is intended for caregivers who are frail or over 50 years old.

Mobilization of general practitioners and private nurses

At the origin of the project, Dr Philippe Dompeyre. He is a general practitioner and deputy mayor in charge of health. Its objective: to relieve the hospitals responsible for ensuring vaccination by relying on liberal practitioners in the territory. “It was not easy because we quickly set up this vaccination center. But all the doctors and nurses in the region quickly responded. ” Every afternoon, at least one doctor and three nurses take turns to ensure the proper functioning of the center.

The logistics are not easy either. Doses of Pfizer-BioNtech vaccine should be stored at 4 degrees. They are ordered every day at the Versailles hospital. To ensure the transport of vaccines, the collection of data ensuring the traceability and reception of patients, caregivers can count on volunteers from the municipality.

Objective: 300 people vaccinated per day

“Today you’re going to have about 60 people getting vaccinated, explains DVD city mayor Karl Olive. But we can imagine that when we reach our cruising speed, nearly 300 people will be able to be vaccinated here every day. ”

From next Monday, the center will also welcome people over the age of 75 who do not live in nursing homes.

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