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Finally a good consequence of the health crisis: teleconsultations seem to be part of our habits. Three times more people have tested this device compared to last year. Odoxa also reports 88% satisfaction.

One in two people say they are ready to go. Three out of four people have a good image of telemedicine: they consider that it saves time for the doctor and the patient. In addition, they represent hope for medical deserts.

It can be useful for answering a simple question, asking for an administrative paper, having a return on medical examinations, or following the effectiveness of a treatment after a first consultation.

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Some reservations

However, only 20% of the group surveyed in France used telemedicine, against 55% of the Spanish group and 42% of the British group. 56% of people consider that physical consultation is more effective.

70% also fear a dehumanization of the doctor / patient relationship, an increased risk of medical error, and also the hacking of health data.

Satisfied doctors

Physicians are seven times more likely to have used teleconsultation compared to last year and are also satisfied.

They agree with patients on the subject of treatment follow-up, but also help patients to treat small emergencies such as cystitis or answer patients’ questions on the contact case circuit.