How to cook rabbits; I don’t like the big ones; In the Wolf’s Den: The Confessions of Hitler’s Secretary … are the books presented by Gérard Collard in “Le Magazine de la santé” of January 15, 2021.

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To your books! Our reading tips for the weekend

  • How to cook rabbits
    Manon Gauthier and Michaël Escoffier
    Ed. Kaleidoscope, February 2020

“She’s nice your giraffe!” Michael was told one day by a classmate, when he had just drawn a dog. He has since decided that he would be more of an author than an illustrator. This is why he generally works in duo, choosing illustrators whose talent and perseverance he admires above all.

  • I don’t like the big ones
    Pierre Léauté
    Ed. Mnemos, October 2020

Augustin Petit, a despot in the heart of 20th century Europe.

France lost World War I in 1919.
From the ashes of defeat, under the yoke of the great Kaiser, a man will get up and point out those responsible for the infamy: not women, not blacks, not homosexuals … No! The big ones! For their heads protruded from the trenches. The most formidable political ascent of the Smaller Party then began.
In this quirky and always fair novel, Pierre Léauté offers us an incredibly topical reflection on the rise of nationalism and the creation of dictatorships.

  • Into the Wolf’s Den: Confessions of Hitler’s Secretary
    Traudl Junge, Melissa Müller
    Ed. Tallandier, January 2021

Traudl Junge was twenty-two when she joined Adolf Hitler as secretary. From 1942 to the suicide of the Führer in his bunker, she accompanied the master of the Third Reich without realizing that she was participating in the most monstrous of human destruction enterprises. In this gripping document, she sincerely delivers the story of her incomprehensible blindness. Out of loyalty as much as out of comfort, she will become the embodiment of what Hannah Arendt called the “banality of evil”.
Are we innocent when we don’t know, or are we guilty of not knowing? The honesty of her testimony and her lack of self-indulgence contribute to making her story a unique document. These unique memories inspired the film La Chute (2004).

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