While it affects nearly one in ten women, endometriosis is a disease still poorly understood. Pain associated with periods has long been trivialized, delaying the diagnosis of this disease for many women.

But things are starting to move! To help women with this disease, an online platform has just been created: EndoZiwig.

This site was designed by a company in Lyon and developed in close collaboration with the Society for Gynecological and Pelvic Surgery (SCGP). The objective is to offer better medical follow-up to patients already diagnosed, but also to those awaiting diagnosis.

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Fight against medical wandering

A woman with endometriosis can wait several years before a diagnosis is made. A medical wandering all the more serious as the symptoms of this disease can be very disabling.

Endoziwig offers the patient to answer a detailed questionnaire on her symptoms. Then, “artificial intelligence provides an estimate of its risk and an orientation towards the most suitable health professional”, Details Gilles Doumer, boss of the French company that developed the platform, to the newspaper The Parisian.

Personalized follow-up

Once the medical file has been completed, it is transferred to the practitioner concerned. Thus, the latter has access to all the information on the state of health of his patient. A saving of time depending on the company that wishes to “éto prevent patients from traveling for miles, sometimes for nothing. Most arrive exhausted in the office and are sometimes tired of having to detail their file at each new consultation.. ”

Find out more: endo.ziwig.com