The agreement on vaccines against Covid-19 between Sanofi and BioNTech supports the order for 600 million doses from the European Union and will make it “feasible”, French Minister for Industry Agnès said on Wednesday. Pannier-Runacher.

This agreement “will make it possible to produce more than 100 million doses from the month of August, at a fairly regular rate until the end of the year, so as to immediately provide support (…) for the European market, “said Pannier-Runacher on France 2.

The project “supports the order for 600 million doses that the European Union has placed” and “makes this order feasible, since the challenge today is to mobilize all European production capacities to increase production of vaccines” , she added.

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Other manufacturers in partnership with Sanofi

The Minister recalled that in addition to the agreement made by Sanofi, three manufacturers will produce vaccines at their sites in France: Recipharm, Delpharm, Fareva, and that this starts during the first half of the year.

She announced that “other laboratories” will join this device, “since now we have better visibility on the vaccines that work and on the industrial capacities”, without giving names.

The issue of delivery delays

Asked about the delivery delays announced by the British laboratory AstraZeneca, Ms. Pannier-Runacher said she had “requested an inspection” of the vaccine production site, to take stock of the production difficulties.

“This subject must be resolved quickly and it is necessary (…) that the doubts about the destination of the doses are also raised quickly”, she said. The French minister noted that the President of the European Commission had “indicated that she was going to make proposals in the area of ​​export control”.

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Regarding France, “I am delivered the number of doses I ordered”, assured the minister. “So I have no reason to suspend my payments,” she added.