Theoretically, people over 75 and some at-risk patients can now be vaccinated… but in practice they cannot find an appointment. Testimonials.

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Vaccination against covid: patients testify to their impatience

André Farkas, an 89-year-old Parisian and dialysis, is still surprised by the result of his search on the website : ” They got me offers this meet at Thonon-theBaths to 600 kilometres, at the edge of lake Leman ! He would like to just be vaccinated where he goes for dialysis, but this clinic is only allowed to take care of caregivers.

“No matter how much I start over, there is still nothing”

Chantal Riou, 60 from Brest whose husband is vulnerable, is frankly exasperated by the hours spent in lines: “I ‘try to take a meeting since January 7, she explains. Jhave without stop of responses that there is no crénoteaux available, that under someeus days of slots vhave be releaseds. MBut I have beautiful start over there is still nothing.

Same failure at Aubusson for Sylvette Deniau, who is however a double priority since she is 77 years old and has breast and gallbladder cancer. She is very afraid of contracting the virus before having the operation in a month. “If I catch the VSovid before Feb 241st, I will not have my operation, she says. Si don’tcatch not, I’m afraid to catch it at thehospital. And then, in fact, I live in a car-confinement. I dare not move, not go out.
Unfortunately, the reduction in deliveries announced by the Pfizer BioNTech laboratory may not quickly facilitate their vaccination.

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