Two researchers have developed a calculator, free access on the internet, allowing to estimate the waiting time, in several countries, to be vaccinated against the Covid.

“We said to ourselves that there were plenty of people who had to ask themselves this question. Specialized in the development of calculators, we wanted to facilitate the work of these people by offering them an answer based on the data of their country. “, explains to AFP one of the creators of the tool, Salam Mubarak, doctor of the National Institute of Applied Sciences (Insa) of Villeurbanne near Lyon and now living in Dubai.

With his Polish colleague Maciej Kowalski, this robotics engineer was inspired by a similar simulator of a British physicist with whom they collaborate within the start-up Omni Calculator.

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A highly successful tool

“He designed it during the vaccination campaign in England. In a few weeks, the page was viewed more than 15 million times!”, Adds the scientist who has since developed the same type of calculator for a dozen country.

Called “Queue calculator for vaccination” and accessible for ten days on the Omni Calculator site, this tool is based on data from statistical and health institutions such as the Haute Autorité de santé, Santé Publique France, the Insee and the site.

Based on Covid risk factors

“The software asks you your age, which is the most impacting element; if you are for example in nursing homes, if you have been in contact with infected people, if you are a health professional over 50, if you have comorbidities … all this allows you to win or not in priority “, specifies Salam Mubarak, stressing that this simulator is neither official nor medical.

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The tool is also based on the weekly frequency of vaccinations and the vaccine uptake rate. These data can be modified by the user of the site.

For a 47-year-old Frenchman, in great shape, who is not in contact, the algorithm indicated on January 27 that between 19 and 29 million people had to be vaccinated before him, a first injection that could take place in the state between May 4 and December 19, 2022, a second between May 25 and January 9, 2023.