Will medically assisted procreation really be accessible to all women, as Emmanuel Macron promised during his campaign? The senators further delayed the response for a few days, by rejecting Tuesday, February 2, article 1 of the bioethics bill, which opened the PMA to single women and female couples. However, the article should be reassessed by senators from Thursday, February 4, before returning to the National Assembly.

A decision eagerly awaited by the women concerned, such as Delphine, 33, single and suffering from endometriosis. “I’m really ready to fight to start this family on my own,” she explains.

But for Delphine, there is no question of going abroad to carry out this project: “It is important for me that this conception be done in France with the possibility of having a support on the spot, she continues. It’s still much simpler, it avoids travel and additional financial costs. “

Soon a shortage of donations?

With the passage of the law, the question arises of the period of access to assisted reproduction for single women and female couples. These new requests will be added to those of heterosexual couples who wait an average of a year and a half to benefit from a sperm donation. A delay, which could increase further with the lifting of donor anonymity, currently under discussion.

A subject that worries Professor Grynberg, reproduction doctor at the Antoine-Béclère hospital: “I fear that there are not that many donors and that we are faced with a shortage which will be significant , he develops. In which case how do we serve people and in what order? It will be a real headache. ”

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What about the reimbursement?

Another thorny subject, the question of support. The senators wish to limit reimbursement to PMA of a medical nature. A position denounced by the defense associations of the PMA for all.

For Isabelle Laurans, co-founder of the Mam’ensolo association, “the reimbursement of access to healthcare is very important, that all women are equal in their reproductive health. That there is no discrimination of point of view of our sexuality or our family status. ” The first ART courses for single women or female couples should start in France in 2022, at the earliest.