I didn’t think four hours (of operation) would be the start of a nightmare. “ After a failed nose surgery, Chinese actress and singer Gao Liu opened up on social media and sparked outrage.

Sure Weibo, the Chinese social network where she has five million subscribers, the young woman has published a series of photos. It appears there with bandages and bruises on the nose, the tip of which, visibly infected, is blackened.

Credits: © Weibo – Gao Liu. Photos posted by actress Gao Liu on her Weibo account.

Stinging, staining then necrosis

The intervention took place in October 2020, at a clinic in Guangzhou city. Soon after, Gao Liu’s nose started to “tingle“She says. Several infections followed one another, the skin on the tip of her nose”became darker and darker “ and finally “(his) nose is dead“, she says again.

The actress says she was hospitalized for 61 days and lost some 400,000 yuan (nearly 52,000 euros) by not being able to work. And unfortunately, according to the young woman, it will not be possible to benefit from reconstructive surgery for at least a year.

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“Everyone should be aware of the risks”

His post drew strong reactions on social media in China and the hashtag “why is cosmetic surgery more and more common“had more than 330 million views on Friday on the Weibo platform.

I feel so bad for Gao Liu. Everyone should take this as a warning and be aware of the risks of cosmetic surgery.“, wrote a user whose comment was”love“more than 100,000 times.

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In China, surgeries and clinics specializing in cosmetic surgery have flourished in recent years, particularly in the country’s major cities. And some 15.2 million patients went under the knife last year, according to a study by the Chinese cabinet iiMedia.