The figures for 24-hour hospitalizations and resuscitation of Covid-19 patients remain on the rise on Monday February 8, according to data from Public Health France. Of these patients, 3,353 are in an intensive care unit (which receives the most serious cases).

This is the highest figure since the low of 2,573 patients recorded on January 7. During previous waves, the number of patients in sheaves had reached 7,000 in the spring and 4,900 in the fall.

Relatively stable figures

Over the last seven days, there are 11,196 new hospitalizations, including 1,805 in intensive care. The number of cases tested positive stood at 4,317, against 19,175 on Sunday, and the positivity rate (positive people compared to all those tested) is at 6.4%, against 6.5% the day before.

These numbers smooth out the effects of daily peaks and troughs. They have been relatively stable for two weeks, even if the health authorities fear an influx of patients because of the new variants of the virus.

Nearly 80,000 deaths in France

The disease killed 460 people in 24 hours, according to figures from Public Health France, bringing the toll of the pandemic in France to 79,423 deaths, including 56,040 in hospital.

Some 1.871 million people have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 248,614 of them have been injected a second dose, according to figures from Sunday (figures released with a one-day lag).

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