A new website, cours-victimes.fr, made its appearance on February 22 to help victims of violence. Its objective is to support adults and minors, to “break the silence”, “from facts to compensation”.

The site allows “listening”, advice and resources “to get to safety, prepare for legal proceedings, be compensated and rebuild”, explain the association France Victimes and the Victims Guarantee Fund (FGV).

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Victims of crimes and misdemeanors

“This new platform aims to fill a void: before, victims of violence had to go to associations for help, now they can do it directly on the site”, explained to AFP Jérôme Bertin, director general of the federation. France Victimes, which helps 300,000 victims of crimes each year.

“Too few people know that they can be compensated, and not only after acts of terrorism, but also after violence or scams,” said Julien Rencki, director general of the FGV. In the name of this public service mission, the FGV came to the aid of 100,000 victims and made it possible to obtain more than 600 million euros in compensation in 2019.