Influencers do prevention! McFly and Carlito, two French Youtubers, well known to the networks, accepted a challenge launched by the President of the Republic. Their mission: to make a video to remind people of the importance of barrier gestures.

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The two Youtubers take up the challenge of the President of the Republic

YouTube stars McFly & Carlito (6.3 million subscribers) have been creating the buzz since yesterday. They posted a video on Sunday, in response to a challenge launched by Emmanuel Macron. The president invited them to make a clip on the importance of barrier gestures and promised to invite them to “turn at the Elysée” if the video reached 10 million views.

The two youtubers responded to this “challenge” by posting on Sunday morning “I remember”, a clip in the form of a walk, on a guitar tune, in which they invite Internet users to apply barrier gestures, to find their life before Covid-19.

Redouble efforts for the life before

The Youtubers are on the way to fulfilling their mission. Just 24 hours after its publication, the video has totaled almost 6 million views. It is at the forefront of trends in France on the Google video platform. The song was also posted on major music streaming sites.

In the clip, the two Youtubers evoke the letting go and the weariness felt by all in the face of barrier gestures, while promising the President of the Republic to redouble their efforts, to find “The sensations of yesterday” and a world without Covid. The two videographers have pledged to donate all of the revenue generated by the video to “Agorae “ a network of solidarity grocery stores for students in great difficulty since the start of the pandemic.

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