Vaccination in nursing homes and long-term care units is continuing. However, the restrictive measures remain unchanged for the elderly.

No exit, physical distancing with families but also between residents … These measures threaten the state of mental health of the former.

It is not because we are elderly people, a little tired and that we need a little help in the residences, that we must be protected at all costs. A year ago, we had fun, we were happy in the residence. Everyone is doing their best to be, but we are not. Losing contact with our loved ones still makes us unhappy », Testifies Philippe Wender, 84 years old, resident in EHPAD and president of the association Citoyennage.

A relaxation of health measures

Association Citizenship calls for a relaxation of health measures. A request supported by professionals in the sector.

It is necessary to be able to restore flexibility in the operation of structures to once again allow visits to homes, to the rooms of the elderly, outings with families but also activities between people in the same establishment or meals that can be be taken in a more user-friendly way », Explains Romain Gizolme, director of the Association of Directors at the service of the Elderly.

Commissioned by the Minister Delegate in charge of Autonomy, Brigitte Bourguignon, and by the Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, the High Council of Public Health should soon give an opinion on a possible easing of measures in EHPAD.