The pediatric ward has a theoretical capacity of 8 adolescent beds. Currently we have 12 to 14 hospitalized permanently for psychiatric reasons. “ The finding is alarming and Doctor Sylvie Nathanson, pediatrician at the Center Hospitalier de Versailles, does not hide it.

His department is overwhelmed by a new wave of sick people: teenagers tired by health restrictions. Lack of perspective and social life, isolation, guilt, the pandemic sometimes results in great psychological suffering among young people.

Morbid ideas

To go up the slope, Juliette 12, had to be hospitalized for two weeks in a child psychiatry department at the Robert-Debré hospital. Since the start of the September school year, the young teenager suffers from social and academic phobia.

Disorders triggered by this health crisis that she now manages to verbalize: “I often cried on my own, I even thought sometimes about death. I had nervous breakdowns sometimes, I screamed, I cried but I didn’t want to communicate around me. I couldn’t speak but I didn’t want to be. alone. I was waiting for some hope or someone to reach out and come and pull me out of the hole I had dug myself. “

Tools to help families

For suffering adolescents like Juliette, this health crisis acts as a powerful disruptor in this period of transition before adulthood.

“These are times when we are going to build ourselves and when we really need the outside world, others, new experiences. All these elements, which are necessary, will be thwarted by the epidemic. Adolescents are affected in their very development and in their empowerment ” explains Marie-Rose Moro, a child psychiatrist specializing in the care of adolescents.

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The specialists, but also the entourage of these young people, will therefore have to accompany them towards the prospect of a better world. Some hospitals have also developed tools to help families, such as the Robert-Debré Hospital and its site KeyPsy.