They joined the mass vaccination race last Thursday. But for now, it is akin to a false start as the organization is complicated for general practitioners.

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Vaccination: difficult organization for general practitioners

500,000 doses intended for general practitioners were delivered to pharmacies. However, since last Thursday, only 280,000 patients aged 50 to 64 and suffering from chronic pathologies have been vaccinated. A paradox when we know that the hope of a way out of the crisis lies in this mass vaccination. So far, in the field, the problem seems to be a lack of time!

10 doses per week

Each GP can order ten doses per week, to be used within hours. In the field, it is a whole logistics to install. “We made the appointments with the secretary, I gave her the list of people with co-morbidities, she called. It’s more complicated for general practitioners when they do not have a telephone secretary or face-to-face secretary” explains Doctor Jean-Paul Hamon, general practitioner and honorary president of the Federation of Doctors of France.

To speed up this vaccination, “we must rely on general practitioners, but also on pharmacists who must be able to vaccinate, but also on nurses” argues Gilles Bonnefond of the Union of Unions of Pharmacists of Officine.

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