Should pregnant women be vaccinated against Covid? This is the question the Academy of Medicine wanted to answer on March 2. Its members have thus published an update of the recommendations concerning the vaccination of pregnant women.

According to the Academy, the recommendations on anti-Covid vaccines can be assimilated to those on other vaccines. “There is no contraindication to the administration of vaccines during pregnancy, with the exception of live vaccines such as BCG and attenuated viruses (measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, yellow fever)”, she specifies.

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Reassuring data

Some vaccinations are already recommended for pregnant women, “especially against influenza and whooping cough,” she recalls. Their operation is similar enough to that of Covid vaccines to recommend this injection to pregnant women, explains the Academy.

Doctors say that although no serious adverse events have been reported, potential side effects will continue to be monitored. “However, animal studies have shown no harmful effects on pregnancy, fetal and postnatal development, or fertility. “

A serious risk factor

The Academy of Medicine therefore recommends “considering pregnancy as a risk factor for a serious form” of Covid. It is therefore necessary, according to her, “to protect every pregnant woman from any potential source of contamination.” “

In addition, pregnant women exposed to the virus should be vaccinated according to the Academy. The same goes for pregnant women over 35, overweight, hypertensive or diabetic.

Finally, the Academy recommends not to delay or terminate a pregnancy because of the vaccination. Neither infection with Covid nor vaccination should interrupt breastfeeding either, because “antibodies transmitted through breast milk [ont] a protective effect on the newborn. “

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