Prescribing masturbation is a fairly common and very old practice among doctors.

In the 19th century, doctors discovered that after orgasm the partners were more relaxed, so they decided to use masturbation as a tool to treat “hysterical attacks” at the time.

They then realized that it was very uncomfortable and decided to use other methods. They sent jets of water on the genital area of ​​women and then the first vibrators were invented by Joseph Granville at the end of the 19th century.

Prohibited practices

These methods are no longer relevant and above all prohibited. If one day a therapist offers you practices of this type, you must leave immediately. Nothing should be done without the patient’s consent. The genitals should not be affected without a justified medical examination.

On the other hand, this method remains widely used in sexology but obviously in a completely different form than in the past. One of the most common therapeutic masturbations for women is to advise them to use a moment of masturbation to discover their own sexual functioning.

For example to discover on their own which stimulation gives them the best sensations of pleasure, which parts of their external clitoris is the most sensitive, whether they prefer to stimulate the clitoris in a circular way or from top to bottom or otherwise.

Do they get their orgasms more easily with a combination of clitoral stimulation + penetration into the vagina, or do the movements of the pelvis modify their sensations etc … The ultimate goal being to get to know each other better in order to better enjoy the pleasures during sexual intercourse.

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Sex therapy for ejaculation disorders

In sex therapy, one of the situations most frequently used in masturbation is that of ejaculation disorders. Patients are advised to take a moment of masturbation to apply exercises and techniques to the muscles of the perineum.

This makes it possible to obtain better control over the sphincters during sexual arousal, and therefore better control of ejaculation during sexual intercourse. It is even possible to combine male vibrators to obtain even more precise control of the perineum.

Another form of therapeutic masturbation occurs in men who have erectile dysfunction with a strong psychological component.
It is sometimes advisable to take advantage of a moment of masturbation to practice it while applying mental methods inspired by mindfulness techniques or even self-hypnosis.

Masturbation associated with these mental techniques allows some men to take a psychological step forward and then overcome fears during the sexual act.

They are therefore “therapeutic masturbations” with a sexological aim.


Some studies have shown that masturbation can relieve certain pains such as migraines or muscle pain.

One of the very recent studies called Menstrubation (for menstruation and masturbation), conducted by two brands of vibrator and menstrual cup, showed that masturbation during menstruation reduced period pain very significantly in the majority of women who agreed to participate in the study.

This effect is probably linked to the hormonal secretions caused by orgasm such as oxytocin which will relax the uterus and reduce the pain associated with the expulsion of blood.

In this study, the sex toy (sextoy) used is of a modern generation with pulsed air and not with vibration, which causes kind of soft shock waves. Shock waves play a positive role in pelvic pain. It is therefore possible that this new generation of pulsed air sex toy could bring something new to therapeutic masturbation for women and men.

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A “therapeutic masturbation” suitable for all?

Like any therapy, it may be suitable for some people but not for others. Like any therapy, it has advantages and disadvantages.

For example, it is difficult to force yourself, this act must keep a minimum of spontaneous desire, it does not make sense to masturbate mechanically.

Like any therapy, it should be considered as a possible option to be tested or not, each and every one according to their preferences and wishes.

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