Since the beginning of 2021, 5 medical interns have ended their days. The organization is launching today a #ProtegeTonInterne hashtag and an awareness campaign to alert people to this deep discomfort.

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Interns: “We are at one suicide every 18 days”

It is with the hashtag #ProtegeTonInterne launched on social networks that the ISNI, the inter-union interns, wishes to alert to a very worrying situation: the suicide of medical interns.

“There we are at one suicide every 18 days. (…) The crisis was difficult for everyone and this phenomenon has intensified ” explains Gaétan Casanova, president of ISNI.

Limit working time

“An intern works an average of 58 hours per week, in surgery we are very often above 70 hours, and with the covid crisis, it is not uncommon for interns to work 100 hours per week, and that is a cause of burnout ”.

According to the Intersyndicale, the first concrete measure to be put in place concerns working time, and the application of the maximum 48 hours worked per week.

“An exhausted caregiver treats less well, this problem must also be addressed for the interns but also for the patients” adds Gaétan Casanova.