At the origin of this health scandal: Jean-Claude Mas. The leader of PIP, now deceased, was convicted of having marketed defective prostheses. The investigation revealed another actor in this scandal: a German company which certifies prostheses: the company TUV.

Responsibility of the TUV company

Several weeks ago, the Aix-en-Provence Court of Appeal confirmed the responsibility of this company in the case, which has not verified “The origin of the raw materials used by examining in particular the material accounts of the manufacturer” explains the court in a press release.

If these implants showed an abnormal rate of rupture, it is because they were filled, for the sake of economy, with a non-conforming gel and inexpensive artisanal, instead of the required silicone gel.

Relief for victims

This court decision is a relief for the victims “We are finally given reason. It’s been a long journey and now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is very encouraging ” Sharon explains.

“The feeling with this judgment is that now the voice is open on compensation and we should be happy for the victims who have been waiting for this decision for years and that is an understatement” adds Maître Olivier Aumaitre, lawyer for victims.

This report concerns more than 13,400 PIP prosthesis wearers. The business goes beyond the borders of France, since PIP exports 80% of its prostheses to 65 countries. In all, around 400,000 women are believed to be carriers of these defective implants worldwide.