After police officers and teachers, new professions will benefit from priority vaccination. The Ministry of Labor published on Tuesday April 20 the list of trades concerned. They are taxi and bus drivers, garbage collectors, cashiers, or even bakers, and must be over 55 years of age to benefit from this priority access for two weeks.

A relief for garbage collectors and maintenance workers: “In cities, when they sweep the streets, when they pick up public trash, there may be contaminated masks, and there is still a certain proximity when they are in There are at least three of them, so at one point there is contact and it is not possible otherwise, ”explains Dominique Regnier, general secretary of the public services of the Force Ouvrière union.

Specific criteria

To establish the list of trades concerned, the Ministry of Labor relied in particular on a study by the Institut Pasteur. At the beginning of March, it identified the professions most at risk from the virus. Among the other criteria taken into account: work in an enclosed environment and the difficulty in respecting barrier gestures.

An effective solution for Pascal Crépey, epidemiologist at the Rennes School of Public Health Studies: “We can now vaccinate between 300 and 400,000 people per day, so two weeks to vaccinate these people seems reasonable and realistic. ” These workers will be vaccinated with AstraZeneca serum

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