According to the Ministry of Health, 12,999,655 people have received an injection, which represents one in four adults in France (24.8% of the adult population).

“Last week, we had 2.5 million doses injected, the highest figure over a week,” he recalled. The executive has set a target of reaching 20 million vaccinated with at least one dose by mid-May, a target that seems attainable at the current rate.

During this “vaccines” meeting, he stressed that France had “4.5 million vaccinated with the two doses, which places us among the countries which have vaccinated their adult populations the most within the European Union”. “Almost 70% of those over 70 are protected,” he added.

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Reluctance on Astrazeneca

“We have difficulties to convince on the AstraZeneca vaccine, we must think in terms of communication and the ability to convince,” said Emmanuel Macron. You have to “know how to maintain this rhythm and how to improve the levers”, he continued.

New priority professions

20,000 health professionals were on the bridge in 1,700 vaccination centers last week. But the President considered that “if we want to continue to step up and last, it is likely that we will have to improve this mobilization”.

He finally welcomed the arrival of new Pfizer doses in the European Union in the second quarter (7 million for France) and the green light from Europe for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. This vaccine “is considered safe” by the EMA, he added. The European Medicines Agency yesterday recommended listing blood clots as a “very rare” side effect of the vaccine.

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