An investigation by the specialized media ActuSoins reveals that personal health data is freely accessible on the internet. In question, computer vulnerabilities.

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Leaks of health data on the Internet

Health data freely accessible on the internet: this is what a survey by the specialized media ActuSoins reveals. “Without any computer expertise, simply using an internet browser, we found hundreds and hundreds of confidential documents, health data, medical reports, laboratory results …”, reveals the publication director Thomas Duvernoy.

Watch out for health forums

Thomas Duvernoy warns about the use of health forums: “We go to a forum especially when we have a serious pathology in a psychological state which means that we are not necessarily going to project on the consequences in the medium or long term. Our data, when put online, is complete data. If it is not properly protected by the forum, the search engine may completely index this health data, and anyone can find these health data. information. “

These data leaks also concern hospitals, such as the Millau Hospital Center in Aveyron, or even National Education servers. Patients, even when they have posted the data themselves, can contact the National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms (Cnil).

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