Only 58 people for 4000 doses. On April 17 in the middle of the day, the departmental vaccination center of Nice closed its doors prematurely.

Its 4000 doses were intended for priority professionals over 55, such as teachers.

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Anger of the non-eligible

If the prefecture specifies to AFP that the eligible population in the Alpes-Maritimes is “relatively small” and that a large part has already been vaccinated, this does not prevent Internet users from being indignant at the number of unused doses. .

On Twitter, people who are not yet eligible for the vaccination have expressed outrage and desire to receive an injection.

Lack of confidence

According to Gilles Duhamel, member of the citizen collective for vaccination, the meager attendance this weekend can be explained by increased mistrust of the Astrazeneca vaccine. ” In the vaccination centers, the members of the collective are well aware of this. There is a categorical change ”, explains this sixty-year-old.

But he calls for putting the figures into perspective: “ every year, there are very many thromboses in France. There, we panic for a dozen cases out of millions of vaccinated “, specifies Gilles Duhamel.

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The collective’s proposals

According to Gilles Duhamel and the citizen collective, the problem lies in poor communication around vaccination. ” Most importantly, it is positive communication to make people want to get vaccinated. We must insist on the protection of oneself, of others, and especially on the return to a normal life ”, he insists.

To convince the undecided, the citizen collective advocates a change in vaccination comminucation and to start a way out of the crisis, especially for young people. Gilles Duhamel considers that we must insist on resuming studies and the possibility of being able to go out for a drink again.

And to address fifties, the member of the collective thinks he has found the solution: ” We must insist on personal and collective benefits. Today, these people aspire to two things: restaurants and travel.