They thought they were getting a dose of Pfizer covid vaccine, they only received physiological saline. In Épernay, in the Marne, in a vaccination center, 140 patients were victims of a vaccination error, reports France Bleu Champagne-Ardenne.

Rescheduled appointments

The facts happened on April 20. The vaccination center became aware of the error the next morning and immediately contacted the people concerned. They were all able to make a new appointment, as of April 23. Patients who wished were also able to “talk to a doctor to answer their questions“.

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No health consequences

The injection of physiological serum is “without consequences for health“, wanted to reassure the University Hospital of Reims.”Physiological serum is a salt water solution used in various medical treatments such as cleaning wounds, eyes or as a diluent during injections.“also reassures the hospital.
However, the vaccination course [de ces patients] remains incomplete“adds the CHU in a press release.

An error during the preparation of the doses?

But where does this error come from? “Immediately after the discovery of the incident (…) an analysis of the causes which led to this error was carried out“, and”a health executive has been commissioned to strengthen pre-existing safety procedures“, ensures the CHU, without giving further details.

A possible cause would be a fault during the preparation of the syringes. In fact, before being injected, the Pfizer vaccine, which is a so-called “mutlidoses” vaccine, must be diluted with physiological serum. This is the reconstitution stage of the vaccine: 1.8 milliliters of physiological serum is injected into the vaccine vial, before the individual doses are withdrawn.

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