“Four million people are waiting for a vaccine,” the Minister of Health said on Tuesday during a visit to the Ile-de-France regional health agency. “If we set a target of 80% of an age group that must be vaccinated to be protected, there are still 4.3 million French people who are subject to vaccination who have not yet been vaccinated”, Olivier Veran added. “

280,000 slots available

The objectives are not achieved. Yet it is not the vaccines that are lacking. Depending on the application ” Quickly my dose », More than 280,000 slots would be available in French vaccination centers.

In order not to fall behind in the vaccination schedule, some health professionals are calling for an expansion of access to vaccination. For Professor Jean-Paul Stahl, specialist in infectious diseases at Grenoble University Hospital, this would not prevent prioritization from being respected: “These doses must be able to be distributed to volunteers who are located in different sections of the population. those which are currently recommended without, at any time, depriving the priorities of their priority. “

Distrustful French

The president of the Confederation of French medical unions, Dr Jean-Paul Ortiz, also agrees. According to him, the priority remains to reassure the population: “In France, we have a problem, it is the mistrust of the vaccine. We see that even in the oldest populations, who would benefit from all being vaccinated, we cannot achieve 100% because of this mistrust and this reluctance. I think that today, we will have to lower the ages and perhaps target certain populations: the most exposed, the most at risk of contamination, by profession for example. ”

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The government’s objective remains unchanged: 30 million French people must have received a first injection of vaccine in mid-June. On April 26, it was nearly 15 million.