At least one in ten children suffers from asthma today in France. This chronic disease can be serious, even fatal, when left unchecked.

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Young people and asthma: 3/4 of deaths linked to poor treatment monitoring

He was barely 14 years old, yet Grégory Pariente died of an asthma attack. That day, her father was taking her to the emergency room. “I don’t know if you can imagine what it can be like to have a father who sees in the rearview mirror of his car his son saying to him ‘Daddy I’m going to die’ and see him die of suffocation” deplores his aunt, François Pariente Ichou.

Since then she has engaged and tries to reach adolescents with asthma. Its objective: to make them aware of the risks incurred when they do not take their treatment correctly.

Importance of treatment monitoring

The case of Grégory is not isolated. In adolescents with asthma, three quarters of deaths are due to poor treatment follow-up. It is therefore necessary to educate young patients with this chronic disease and their relatives, from childhood.

“As soon as you hear wheezing in the bronchi, little noises like that which reflect the fact that the bronchi are tight, these are signs of asthma that should not be overlooked” explains the Dr Nhan Pham-Thi, pediatric pulmonologist. The right thing to do is therefore to always have your emergency kit with you.

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