In recent years, the tiger mosquito native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia has established itself in more than 100 countries and 64 French departments.

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Why is it dangerous?

The bite of this insect can transmit dangerous viruses, such as dengue fever, chikungunya or Zika.

Smaller than its cousin in France, it is striped white and black and rather stings during the day. Its flight is also silent, unlike other mosquitoes.

How to protect yourself from your bite?

To avoid any risk, ANSES recommends wearing long, loose and light clothing. You can also use skin repellents, following the precautions for use indicated.

More simply, the use of mosquito nets should allow you to escape the bite of this small predator.

How to avoid proliferation?

According to ANSES, the tiger mosquito thrives in peri-urban environments and very dense urban areas. It reproduces in artificial water reservoirs, so vases, pots, gutters …

To prevent this species from swarming near you, you can destroy the spawning grounds. To do this, empty the water tanks such as the cups of flower pots, cover the water collection cans with a cloth, and introduce fish into the ornamental ponds.

You can also eliminate mosquito resting places by maintaining vegetation. Pruning trees, clearing hedges, avoiding the storage of plant debris, should keep the tiger mosquito away from your home. Finally, promote the development of mosquito predators, such as swallows, bats or dragonflies.

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