It’s a birth like no other! A young Malian who thought he was pregnant with septuplets finally gave birth … to nine babies! The young woman has given birth to 5 girls and 4 boys, all of whom are doing well, according to information provided by the Malian government.

Originally from Timbuktu, in northern Mali, Halima Cissé, the young mother, had been taken care of in Bamako, before being transferred on March 30 to Morocco, for better follow-up of this pregnancy which “comes out of the ordinary “, explains the Malian Ministry of Health.

Indeed, specialists were worried about the health of the mother-to-be, but also about the chances of survival of the fetuses. Multiple pregnancies are generally considered high risk: prematurity, delayed fetal growth, but also gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, etc. are all complications associated with multiple pregnancies.

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A happy outcome

However, in this case, the pregnancy appears to have gone well. However, with a surprise on arrival: Halima Cissé gave birth on May 4, by caesarean section, “of nine newborns instead of seven announced by the results of ultrasounds made in Mali as in Morocco”, explains the ministry of Malian Health. Two more babies, which had escaped the vigilance of all the doctors!

“So far, the mother and the children are doing well”, reassured the Malian Minister of Health, Fanta Siby, who indicated to have been informed of the outcome of the pregnancy by the Malian doctor dispatched especially to accompany the future mother in Morocco.

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The large family should return to the country “in several weeks”, adds the minister, who congratulates the “medical teams of Mali and Morocco, whose professionalism is at the origin of the happy outcome of this pregnancy” and ” wish babies and mothers a long life “. In any case, it is the start of a real adventure for the parents, who will have to raise 9 children!