The CGT and health action call for a national strike movement today, May 11. Florent Bilger, intensive care nurse answered questions from the Health Magazine on France 5.

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“We are exhausted”: resuscitation caregivers on strike today

Florent Bilger is an intensive care nurse, member of the Collective which calls for a strike. Yesterday, on the set of “Health Magazine”, he expressed the fed up with the profession exhausted by the Covid crisis.

We have never had any recognition for the resuscitation staff, for the work we do in intensive care because the critical care sector is very poorly known and I think the concern is there.. “

In search of recognition

Lack of recognition is not the only claim. To meet the urgent needs of the crisis, nursing staff were trained in a few days to help with resuscitation.

If Florent Bilger recognizes the exceptional nature of this mobilization, he considers that this emergency policy has not done good for his profession. “We must stop letting go of staff who are not trained and that is really a difficulty for our work and besides this pressure, we can feel it clearly since there is a very important turnover closely. 25% of caregivers after three years of intensive care.

The intensive care nurse adds that “Resuscitation is specific, it’s a place you can’t go to if you haven’t been trained“.

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