On January 28, the Council of State issued a negative opinion on the prescription of PrEP by general practitioners. For associations of HIV patients, it was urgent to find a solution. The overload of hospitals linked to the pandemic prevents access to this treatment.

“I wouldn’t want one epidemic to hide another, namely the HIV epidemic. Pressure must be put on so that we can have the widest possible distribution of PrEP, whether in hospitals, health centers, screening centers and town medicine. ” insists Aurélien Beaucamp, president of the AIDES association.

A prescription under certain conditions

The pressure seems to have acted. On April 28, the French National Authority for Health published a recommendation that authorizes general practitioners to prescribe PrEP under certain conditions: doctors must be trained.

“PrEP training is more about finding the population that is going to be at risk, that is, not waiting for them to come to you to see you to have PrEP, which is already the case for the population. hospital, explains Dr Victorien Lahsen. There, we can screen them at first glance and as we know our patients well (…), we can, in this context, offer them a new means of HIV prevention. ”

Soon authorized in pharmacies?

There is still a final obstacle for patients, that of authorizing pharmacists to deliver this treatment when it is prescribed as first-line by a general practitioner. The Ministry of Health has seized the National Drug Safety Agency in order to change the rules. Answer in June.

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