Faced with the vaccination against Covid-19, fears persist such as the risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Some people fear side effects associated with the immune stimulation of the vaccine.

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Vaccination and multiple sclerosis: what are the risks?

Each year in France, 2,500 people develop multiple sclerosis, an autoimmune disease that gradually destroys the patient’s immune system. With this fear: does vaccination, by stimulating the body’s immune system, risk triggering the disease?

Impossible for Jean Pelletier, president of the medico-scientific committee of ARSEP: “For twenty years, there have been an enormous number of studies which have been interested in this subject. To know if vaccination, in the general sense of the term, could be a trigger of the disease or even the cause of the disease. The answer is no. (…) No more risk, in terms of frequency, of developing multiple sclerosis ”.

A vaccination not “contraindicated” for the sick

Another concern, this time for patients: multiple sclerosis progresses in successive outbreaks. Some fear that the vaccine will accelerate the course of their disease. In question, the treatments they take on a daily basis.

Here again, the studies are rather reassuring. “Vaccination is not contraindicated in this disease. It is not responsible for relapses related to the disease. The general recommendation is to vaccinate all people from the age of eighteen with multiple sclerosis ”, continues Jean Pelletier.

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