More than a third of LGBT people (lesbians, gay, bi, trans) have already been discriminated against. They are two to three times more exposed to physical, psychological and sexual violence. Finally, one in four trans people no longer go to the doctor for fear of being badly received.

A renunciation of care which has consequences, in particular for lesbian women, who are often overlooked in prevention campaigns, explains Macha Loniewski, LBGT sexual and public health officer at SIS-association: “For a long time, there was no information on how to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections. Were there risks, no risks, how to protect yourself, what practices? It was often very vague.

Risk of suicide

Discrimination often begins at an early age, even within schools. With a heavy impact on the mental health of students.

We find students who are isolated, who are completely in psychological distress. We have a high risk of suicide, which we find in calls in particular, of dropping out of school obviouslyMacha Loniewski warns. Over the past year, LGBT people were twice as likely to attempt suicide.

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