“Burnout at work kills, it destroys couples, families, friendships, lives, but also patients if we make a medical error. Everyone pays it very heavily. The system is not tenable, it is dangerous, ”declares Gaétan Casanova, president of the Intersyndicale Nationale des Internes.

A first milestone

This resident in intensive care already told us in this article about the harassment and the excessive amount of work that many interns have to face. Against these “structural” issues according to the president of ISNI, the deans of faculties signed an action plan on May 25 with the unions of interns and hospital managers.

As it stands, “the system is not tenable,” explains Mr. Casanova. “Today, interns represent 40% of medical staff and 80% of hospital prescriptions. Only 23% of young doctors consider the hospital attractive. Many positions are unfilled and it is getting worse. The hospital runs only thanks to the interns! “

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According to Gaétan Casanova, the stake of this plan is to apply the law. “In the event of harassment, if a civil servant is aware of an offense or a crime, it is necessary to warn the public prosecutor and not to manage the case internally. There is no need to wash dirty laundry with the family, ”he denounces.

The intern concedes that this agreement alone will not change the situation. “But this is a first milestone. If everyone is of good will, we will move forward! It’s not an end in itself, it’s a good start. It is a declaration of common interests. “

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Strike June 18

After signing this agreement, ISNI is impatiently waiting for the Ministry of Health to take up the issue.

“For example, the plan says you have to pay attention to working time. But to implement this will, it is necessary to count the working time. It is up to the department to force this in order to ensure that this agreement is respected. This is the first time that the deans have made these efforts, so we must keep this movement to make it something constructive, ”explains the president.

To demand the implementation of this count, the ISNI is planning a strike on June 18, during which the interns will not work. “We cannot abandon the patients, so we will announce it well in advance so that the services are organized,” warns Gaétan Casanova. “We gritted our teeth during the pandemic, and now we can say that we have been exhausted since long before the Covid. We just want a little dignity, security and well-being. “