So far, only a few countries have started vaccinating younger people like the United States. But studies that would provide a better understanding of the benefit-risk balance are still rare.

“The 1st study that came out for the Pfizer vaccine shows that there are no side effects or very minimal, so it works well. In my opinion, we must wait to have a little more perspective, more cases.

And then, vaccinating adolescents is not the priority today, there are preliminary steps, first to vaccinate all adults as a priority and to have a precise analysis of the vaccination in the United States among adolescents ” explains Pr Rémi Salomon, pediatrician, president of the medical commission of the Paris Hospitals AP-HP.

Resume a social life

Vaccinating the youngest could decrease the spread of covid in the general population, but for specialists this is not the only interest. “This population, this age group has been particularly affected by the Covid with psychological repercussions and in certain psychiatric situations which has been important.

So there may be an individual benefit to vaccinating them insofar as it will prevent the circulation of the virus in this population and it will allow them to once again have a social life, a life with their friends and especially access to education. with the possibility of returning to college under normal conditions ” details Prof. Odile Launay, infectious disease specialist at Cochin hospital in Paris.

For the moment the youngest children are not concerned by this future campaign. Depending on the results abroad, the vaccination of adolescents could be considered in the coming weeks or even in the coming months.

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