Can you donate blood when you have been vaccinated against covid? The answer is yes, without hesitation, despite the false information currently circulating on the internet.

Posts shared on social networks indeed claim that the American Red Cross “prohibits donation of blood to vaccinated“, as posted for example by this Internet user on Twitter.

“You can still donate blood”

A “fake news”, as shown in the American Red Cross who writes black and white on his internet: “if you are vaccinated you can still donate blood, platelets and plasma. “

And this without delay: “there is no exclusion period for eligible blood donors who are vaccinated with an inactivated or RNA-based anti-covid vaccine, such as AstraZeneca, Janssen, Moderna, Novavax or Pfizer“further details the American Red Cross.

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No “postponement period” in France

Same deposit in France, where theFrench blood establishment (EFS) assures on its website that “in the vast majority of cases, it is possible to donate blood after an injection of the covid-19 vaccine, without any postponement period to be observed “. The organization also recalls that “many other vaccines do not lead to contraindications to donating blood, such as those against influenza or tetanus“.

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The only exception: “eligible blood donors who have received a live attenuated vaccine“, like yellow fever vaccines or the MMR vaccine, which”must wait two weeks before donating blood“, recalls the American Red Cross. But those vaccinated against covid are not concerned because no anti-covid vaccine currently uses this technology.

No donation in case of covid

On the other hand, if you have symptoms of covid or a positive test, a delay is necessary. If you are symptomatic, it will be 28 days after the onset of symptoms or 14 days after the symptoms disappear.

If you are asymptomatic, it will take 14 days from the date of the positive test before you can donate blood. Same instructions if you are in contact: wait 14 days after the last contact with the sick person to donate blood in complete safety.

Confusion at the origin of fake news

But why such a rumor? It comes from the video of an American media widely shared on the internet, a screenshot of which is displayed in the tweet at the beginning of the article, which indicates that vaccinated people cannot donate their convalescent plasma in the United States.

This “convalescent plasma ” is used in medical research as a treatment in patients at the onset of illness, although the first published studies on the subject are inconclusive. It is a special plasma that is not used in the same way as the plasma collected during blood donation.

Blood reserves at the lowest in France

In short, no worries about donating blood, platelets or plasma after an anti-covid vaccine. Especially since the reserves are at their lowest, warns the EFS: “after the May holidays which caused a significant drop in blood reserves, the EFS notes with the deconfinement a drop in the number of visits to its blood drives“worries the organization which currently has less than 85,000 bags in stock. A situation”very fragile”, in particular on blood groups O and B.

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To find a blood collection location near you, visit the website or on the “Blood donation” app.