A new wave of Covid after the summer? It is possible, according to Prof. Jean-François Delfraissy. The President of the Scientific Council explained on France 2 on June 8 that the Indian variant dominates the British variant in the United Kingdom. However, the rate of circulation of the virus remains relatively low.

According to Professor Delfraissy, “we will have the same thing in France”. According to him, the Indian variant will appear more in France. “But faced with this variant, there will be a block: people vaccinated”, specifies the doctor.

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Two countries, two situations

Admittedly, there are more people vaccinated in the UK than in France. However, the UK has mostly used AstraZeneca to vaccinate its population, “a vaccine less effective by 30% against the Indian variant” according to Professor Delfraissy.

France, for its part, has used a large majority of messenger RNA vaccines, which are more effective against this variant. “The variant will be blocked by the vaccine strategy. We will contain it until the fall, ”said Professor Delfraissy.

France is expected to reach 38 million people vaccinated by the end of June, according to the doctor. He adds that vaccination must continue in France in order to reach a rate that makes it possible to contain the Indian variant and thus have a fourth wave, but different from the first three.

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