These are two important tools in the Covid vaccination strategy. The independent sites “Covidliste” and “Quickly my dose“announced on June 10” to join forces “in” tense areas “where it is difficult to find time slots. These sites make it easier to make appointments to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

The principle of this collaboration is to alert the volunteers registered on Covidliste when a large number of doses is made available on the appointment booking sites analyzed by Vite Ma Dose. That is to say Doctolib, Maiia, Ordoclic, KelDoc,, Avec Mon Doc, indicate the two sites in a joint press release.

Stressing that “can be difficult, in large cities, to quickly find an appointment to be vaccinated”, their objective is to “maximize the chances of finding an appointment without having to look for it, where it is needed. is difficult to find “.

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A waiting list and a search engine

Covidliste defines itself as “the largest waiting list for vaccination in France”. Supported by the government, it relies on some 3,000 partner vaccination centers and operates thanks to 150 volunteers.

As for the search engine Vite Ma Dose, it is “recommended” by the government and was launched in early April by the young engineer Guillaume Rozier, recently made a Knight of the National Order of Merit. Managed by more than one hundred volunteers, more than 20 million searches are carried out there each week.

“Spend hours looking for it”

In large cities such as Paris, Lille, Lyon or Bordeaux, to find an appointment “you have to either fall at the right time or spend hours looking for it”, highlight the two sites.

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They give Paris as an example, “where 14,000 doses over the next seven days are on average made available each day since May 28. When 1,000 slots are open, they are reserved in less than an hour”.