That’s it, the health pass came into effect on June 9 in France! If you have been vaccinated or tested negative, you can enter your certificate in the TousAntiCovid application using a QR Code. You just need to take a picture of it from the “My Notebooks” tab in the app.

But if you had the Covid less than three months ago, you cannot yet get the vaccine. To avoid having to repeat PCR tests every 72 hours, you can use a positive test that is at least two weeks old and acts as a certificate of recovery.

However, many people who have been sick with covid have found it difficult to obtain the QR code generated when they tested positive, which is sometimes several weeks old.

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Only the last test is available

To access your tests and the associated QR-code, you must connect to From there, your Ameli codes allow you to access your personal space. In this space, your last test performed presents the QR code which allows you to download it in TousAntiCovid.

However, many people affected by covid have carried out, once recovered, a test which this time turned out to be negative. However, it is this last test, negative, which turns out to be the only one available on SI-DEP. But a negative test does not result in a certificate of recovery.

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How to get your old test back?

According to Dr Jean-Louis Pons, vice-president of the National Professional Council of Medical Biology, all laboratories in France have “the regulatory obligation to keep all examination results for ten years”, including the results of PCR tests. . A patient therefore has the right to request the reissue of an examination result throughout this period and the laboratory has the obligation to provide it.

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Regarding the QR-code associated with the result, it is also the laboratory that takes care of the procedure to send it to you. However, says Dr Pons, it is the SI-DEP system that provides the QR-codes.

This system is designed to overwrite data after three months. Your laboratory will therefore not be able to provide you with a QR-code if your test is previous, but you can then be vaccinated and use the vaccination certificate as a health pass.

And the screening centers?

If your sample did not take place in a traditional medical analysis laboratory, do not worry. All PCR test samples go through a laboratory to detect the virus, so there is a trace in a conventional laboratory, confirms the Synlab Nord de France laboratory.

It is therefore sufficient to find with which laboratory your screening center is associated, then to contact it to obtain your test result accompanied by its QR-code.