Twists, somersaults, somersaults chained over tens of meters, tumbling is an impressive demonstration of gymnastics. Lauriane Lamperim has been practicing it at a high level since her childhood and has devoted 15 years of her life to it. She knows that the accident can happen at any time, despite everything, this does not affect her quest for medals.

The workouts continue at a frantic pace, maybe too much. She chained national and then international competitions. In 2013, it was the selection for the world championships, Lauriane appeared on the track but that day, she was not 100% concentrated.

“I arrived at this selection very, very tired and in fact, she explains, I got lost in the air when it was a figure that I knew more. I thought I got on my feet and I fell. on my head. I had excruciating pain, I had more than a trickle of air to breathe and there I knew it was pretty bad. That I couldn’t get up and when I didn’t get up it ‘is often a bad sign “.

That day his family is not present. His team films his support. Morphine is administered to him. But doctors only find a contracture.

We tell him to come home, that the pain will pass

“When they actually tried to get me up,” she says, “I fell in love. They did an MRI and a CT scan the next day and there they saw that there was finally a vertebral fracture and a tear. ligaments around the unstable vertebra that could compress the marrow. I could still lose my legs. Getting up like that was really not the right thing to do … ”

With an unstable vertebra, she was at risk of paraplegia … 3 days after the accident, Lauriane was operated on at Pitié-Salpêtrière. The surgeon takes a bone graft from his pelvis to weld his unstable vertebra to another. 3 screws allow the graft to take. They will be withdrawn a few months later.
7 years later, the memory of this period is still very present.

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Lauriane’s mother: “At the beginning, we needed the chair that rises by itself because she couldn’t even get up on her own. So it was a long rehabilitation, we saw from day to day how we could move forward.”

He had been told a year and a half of stopping sport, but thanks to her unwavering determination, Lauriane resumed physical activity after only one year. Her motivation paid off, the following years, she won 3 international medals in the French team.

An iron discipline since his accident

“Muscle strengthening is very important. As soon as I do more, I feel that I start having pain again, says Lauriane. Everything has to be well muscled to be able to hold well and to protect in some way. I need it. to feel good and to enjoy life because you only have one “.

To profit is to go through a change of life for Lauriane. She left tumbling behind in 2018 to start anew in a new discipline: surfing. A fabulous rebirth for this athlete.

Thanks to her coach, she is progressing rapidly.

Nicolas Fernandez, surf instructor : “She was not at all aquatic, she was not a swimmer, nothing to see. When she saw the waves dig, she was afraid. Today, she is able to enter waves of 1m50, 2 meters. Perhaps with a little apprehension knowing the past she had, the injury she had and where she went … I am proud of her “.

If today, she takes full advantage of the ocean far from the stress of the high level, she still thirsts for podiums. Lauriane plans to register for her first surfing competitions soon.

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