Already 128 accidental drownings from June 1 to 13, 2021. These drownings are responsible for 41 deaths, reports Santé Publique France. To avoid any risk, it is never too late to learn to swim. The health agency recommends finding out about the weather conditions and choosing supervised bathing areas.

Consider your form before swimming and do not overestimate your swimming level. Before swimming, tell a loved one. Enter the water gradually and avoid alcohol consumption.

Supervise the children

To prevent an accident in children, the health agency advises to teach them to swim as early as possible and to monitor them at all times. Santé Publique France specifies that each child must be supervised by a single adult.

The Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu had also put forward the following slogan in 2018: “each child who bathes, it is an adult who watches over him. “

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The role of the pandemic

Especially since children’s learning to swim has been compromised since March 2020 due to the closure of the swimming pools.

The health agency adds that deconfinement can increase the risk of drowning. Vacationers may overestimate their physical capacity, underestimate environmental risks, or consume too much alcohol before swimming.

In 2018, drownings drove 1,647 people to hospital and are responsible for the deaths of 406 people. From August 1 to 4, 2019, 723 people were hospitalized after drowning, and 596 over the same period in 2020.

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