It is one of the most anticipated decisions since the start of the pandemic. From June 17, wearing a mask will no longer be mandatory outdoors, announced this June 16 Jean Castex. Accompanied by Minister of Health Olivier Véran, he also explained that the curfew will also end on Sunday, June 19.

These decisions were taken because the health situation “is improving faster than we had hoped”, explained the Prime Minister after the Defense Council and the Council of Ministers on Wednesday 16 June.

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Some exceptions

Wearing a mask will remain mandatory in certain circumstances such as gatherings, crowded places or stadiums, said the Prime Minister.

The lifting of the curfew will apply to the music festival on June 21, however the other “protocols will be maintained” for this event, added the minister. France was one of the last three countries in Europe to impose a curfew.

A new vaccination goal

About 35 million French people will have to be fully vaccinated at the end of August, also indicated Jean Castex. The Prime Minister is also aiming for a target of 40 million first injections by the same date. In addition, 85% of people over 50, and adults suffering from comorbidities, should have received at least one injection by this time.

As of June 16, about 30.7 million people have received at least one injection and 16.7 million are fully vaccinated.

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