Test, trace, isolate! The government’s mantra remains the same in the face of Covid this summer. But with a device adapted to track down the virus, at a time when the epidemic seems to be on the decline, despite the circulation of the Delta variant.

Self-tests at the heart of screening

On the beach, in campsites, sports halls or even hotels, self-tests will be distributed free of charge for “Increase collective screening” explains Olivier Véran in the JDD. “It is not a question of replacing PCR tests or antigenic tests, but of adding a mesh to our net”.

Two million screening kits will be used for control operations, at the time of the great departures on vacation in July and August, and five million will be distributed to summer camps and day camps. It remains to be seen whether these self-tests, for the moment shunned by high school students, will find their audience this summer.

Inform through mediators

Do you have a question regarding Covid-19? Specially trained Covid advisers will be present everywhere, on beaches, campsites, etc. to answer all your questions.

Agents will also be in charge of conducting in-depth investigations in the event of contamination to identify who transmitted the virus and under what circumstances. “This retrospective tracing, Japanese style, is much more efficient” says the Minister of Health to the JDD. “We will go back as far as possible”.

Reinforced isolation

Faced with the Delta variant, which is particularly contagious, Olivier Véran urges the greatest rigor and respect for isolation instructions. For those who would find it difficult to isolate themselves because of too cramped accommodation, isolation support cells will be opened everywhere in France.

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And in the event of refusal to isolate themselves or to respond to the Health Insurance agents in charge of tracing, the prefectures will be alerted and may implement isolation measures. “It is more coercive and we will not hesitate to do it because we cannot take the risk of starting a new epidemic wave”, explains Olivier Véran.